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Remote Pilot Training Organisation (RPTO)

Drones are the next evolution of the aviation industry, and already have countless applications in the fields of media, entertainment, science and engineering. With so much data on one device, businesses can employ drones to become more efficient and make better decisions.


The Indian government is pushing for incentives in the field of unmanned aviation to increase its use in the country.

Recently, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has relaxed the policy to setup an RPTO (Regional Pilot Training Organisation). 


The move would facilitate RPTOs in providing training facilities to pilots who are awaiting commissioning and certification of their licences by the DGCA.

How Can We Help?


Project Feasibility 

We will develop a project feasibility report along with the site feasibility for the project. This will enable you to gauge if the site as well as overall project is right for your needs.



Procuring the right drones as well as support equipment that is mandatory for normal RPTO operations is of utmost importance and here our experienced team will guide you with what will best suite your needs.



Hiring the right people for your organisation is imperative for your success. Here we connect you with professionals who are experienced various aspects of running an RPTO.


Regulatory Approval

Once all the necessary paperwork and personnel hiring is complete, we move ahead with the process of DGCA approval. Here our competent team will prepare the necessary forms and application for a successful RPTO approval.

Why Wait?

Contact us today to get started.

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