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Remote Pilot Training Organisation (RPTO)

Man Preparing to Fly a Drone

Drones are the next evolution of the aviation industry, and already have countless applications in the fields of media, entertainment, science and engineering. With so much data on one device, businesses can employ drones to become more efficient and make better decisions.


The Indian government is pushing for incentives in the field of unmanned aviation to increase its use in the country.


With its high-tech sector and ambitions to become a major player in the global aerospace industry, India has set a number of ambitious targets to develop this area through various policies.

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Recently, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has relaxed the policy to setup an RPTO (Regional Pilot Training Organisation). 


The move would facilitate RPTOs in providing training facilities to pilots who are awaiting commissioning and certification of their licences by the DGCA.

How do we help you?
1. Finalising the area of operations (land feasibility).

2. The type of equipment required for training.
3. The necessary manuals required for successful application and approval from DGCA.
4. Qualified personnel required for RPTO operations.

Image by Dose Media

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