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Flight Training

There are numerous flight training opportunities available in both Canada and the USA that can help candidates gain valuable experience, earn a living, and potentially settle in these countries. From private pilot licenses to commercial pilot training, there are a variety of programs to choose from. With the right and qualifications, candidates can pursue a fulfilling career in aviation and enjoy the benefits of living and working in Canada or the USA.

Los Angeles

Why Canada & USA?

Go With The Best.


Best Standards

Canada and USA have some of the highest standards in aviation in the world. Pilot license from these countries will set you apart from the crowd and enable you avail multiple career opportunities.


International Recognition

Transport Canada and FAA pilot licenses are recognised as some of the best in the world. These credentials are considered an asset when applying for pilot positions across the world.


Impeccable Safety

These countries boast some of the highest aviation safety standards and a good record of regulatory oversight to ensure safety of all.


Possibility of Settling Down

These countries provide legal routes for you to continue work and settle down and continue your career as a pilot in Canada and USA. Ready to secure your future? Get in touch.

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